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How can this selection tool help you?

Choosing the right e-bike is not always easy: Which battery do I need? Which motor will be best for me? Which is the best type of e-bike for my cycling routes?

This selection tool will help you make the right choices. All you need is 5 minutes to work through 9 steps to find out which e-bike is suited to you and which points you will need to consider when choosing your e-bike.

The advice from the selection tool will be of help to you when you call at your cycle dealer. The cycle dealer has all the knowledge of the various brands and models required to make use of this advice in selecting the e-bike that meets all your needs!

  • Start
  • 1 Type of cyclist
  • 2 Use of the e-bike
  • 3 Another purpose
  • 4 Range per battery charge
  • 5 Route characteristics
  • 6 Weather
  • 7 Speed
  • 8 Price range
  • 9 My reasons
  • Advice

Question 1

Which type of cyclist are you?

Recreational cyclist

You use the e-bike to relax and enjoy the surroundings

Sports cyclist

You use the e-bike to exercise and you welcome opportunities to exert yourself

Commuter cyclist

You use the e-bike to commute and/or to cycle to work appointments

Family cyclist

You use the e-bike to take your children to school and/or the sports club

Urban cyclist

You use the e-bike to cycle in and around the town or city, to go shopping and/or to visit a café terrace

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